Going beyond the human eye to improve performance. 

BAAZL Aerial Services uses the most advanced equipment to bring you the highest quality deliverables for your thermal imaging needs. Our imaging equipment provides the highest accuracy and detail. Our data is used for a wide range of inspection purposes including roofing, window sealants, water penetration, building envelope review, electrical line component inspection, sub station inspection, solar panel performance checks, and more. 


BAAZL Aerial Thermal Imaging provides a complete overview of roofing and building envelopes to identify moisture buildup, dual-pane window failure, water leaks and more. 


We partner with thermographers to provide robust reporting. Issues are identified with clear locations. We provide actionable reporting.

Get in front of issues before they become big issues.

Aerial thermal imaging building and roof

Bring your building up to spec.


BAAZL Aerial Thermal Imaging highlights anomalies from heat variation, which can indicate resistance affecting performance and highlight areas of potential failure.  

One of our thermography partners will identify areas of concern, and we can work within GIS systems to locate items for repair.

Identify potential equipment failure

in electrical lines and substations.


BAAZL Aerial Thermal Imaging provides a complete overview of your solar panels to identify performance issues and dead panels. 

Our key pilots have certificates in level one thermography and our reporting partners are level three thermographers.

Verify your solar panels are meeting

your performance requirements.


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We fly your project as soon as possible. We process your photos through our professional photo editor and deliver them through our fast-and-convenient cloud platform. You'll have immediate access to your photos. Browse your high-resolution photos and select individual, or all files for download.

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BAAZL Aerial Services utilizes the most advanced aerial photography equipment in the industry. We know one size doesn't fit all and are happy to tailor to your photography project needs and budget. Our friendly, knowledgeable associates are standing by to answer your questions and send you an estimate.

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