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About Our Data

There are lots of ways our drone data can be used and we want to be very clear about what we do and do not do.

BAAZL provides great data for general property management, asset management, inspection, and marketing purposes.

Our drones are top-of-the-line and in many cases are the same ones used by surveyors and engineers.


BAAZL does not provide professional licensed services nor data that can be relied upon in any professional capacity beyond that of general management tracking & visual review.


However, we can partner with, and work under, licensed professionals to assist them in their workflows to create data that can be relied upon for professional purposes.


If our data is to be relied upon for design, engineering, or any other purpose which would require a professional license, it needs to be run through, verified, and approved by the appropriate professionally licensed individual.


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Disclaimer: Any and all data provided by BAAZL should be used as a general management and marketing tool only. Drones are sometimes subject to GPS error and are not 100% correct. Drone data is always a supplement to traditional quantification methods. Unless our data has been reviewed, verified, and stamped by a professional licensed individual it may not be relied upon in any professional use case. Further, drone data should not be relied upon as a "survey" or misused in anyway which would violate any survey regulation. Please see 'Note about our Data' for more information.