Pile Estimations for management

We can work with your civil engineer and surveyor. Drones see in 3D.

With millions of points across a pile they're a great management tool.


Moving dirt is expensive. Have a rough number in mind for your budget. 

Site Estimation.gif


Cut / Fill 


We can help your surveyor and engineers to estimate how much dirt needs to be added or removed from a site.

Budget your truckloads and cut down on change orders.

Static Site Calc Image2.png

Point to Point Information

Working through survey & engineering, see distance, elevation change, and slopes across complicated site lines.

Lee Photomap.PNG

Double Check Elevations

We'll estimate your final building pads and take clear photo records of them.

Final Record of site turnover.

We provide a 3D-measurable Point Cloud to your surveyor or engineer.