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For Architecture,

Licensed Surveyors and Engineers 

For Licensed Surveyors and Engineers, we can provide 


geotagged to project control.

We partner with and support licensed  professional land surveyors and engineers in their work. 


We start with RTK enabled drones and stitch thousands of photos together to make a high-def map, 3D surface, and other deliverables

We tie out to project control, so that you can start any design with a crystal clear view from above.

Ortho Zoom.gif

Site detail like never before

With the ability to zoom in without loss of clarity and the ability to inspect individual photos, you have an amazing as-is site record

3d Spin.gif

Point Clouds & 3D Models

We render your site in 3D. We provide files in .LAS and many other formats

Load in your design file

Calculate cut/fill

Estimate earthworks and site balancing


Measure in the cloud

Online access that allows:

Access to thousands of photos

2D and 3D interfaces

Elevation profiles

Point to point measurement

Square footage


And more.

Load and review your designs

Load all your construction documents to compare against reality

Time lapse shows progress over multiple flights

See how things were. See how things are. Know where you're going.


Preliminary elevation profiles

Surveyors are going to like our initial elevation data for their topos, and civil will like it for their preliminary budget and design

Cubic Yards.gif

Track earthwork volumes

Estimate reality vs. your design file (variance between surface files)

Calculate within +/- 99% how many cubic yards are in any pile

Calculate changes to piles over time with automated variance reporting

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Disclaimer: Any and all data provided by BAAZL should be used as a general management and marketing tool only. Drones are sometimes subject to GPS error and are not 100% correct. Drone data is always a supplement to traditional quantification methods. Unless our data has been reviewed, verified, and stamped by a professional licensed individual it may not be relied upon in any professional use case. Further, drone data should not be relied upon as a "survey" or misused in anyway which would violate any survey regulation. Please see 'Note about our Data' for more information.